Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Close Are We To Cyberspace?

There are only a few links left between us and full immersive sensual cyberspace.

William Gibson coined the term Cyberspace as a near-future digital world we would mentally navigate.

Clearly, the mouse and keyboard are about to be assimilated by touch screens. Sky diving costs and increasing value dictate it.

Monitors, the last membrane between us and cyberspace dissolve as we navigate digital experience in the same way we do physical experience.
Thought recognition, (computing that translates thoughts into a real or virtual world action) is here and advancing fashionably below the radar.

The distinction between the virtual and the physical is only a matter of resolution. As we merge our minds directly with Cyberspace, a global mind will emerge from the network. (The power of a network increases exponentially according to the number of communication nodes). Coming soon: an emergent, distributed, networked, increasingly intelligent, global nervous system.

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