Monday, July 21, 2008

The Internet / A.I. to Become One of Our Senses.

Visionary article by John Burch.

Ted's paraphrased summary:

The Internet (read "The OneMachine") exists because everybody wants it, and that will drive brain augmentation because it helps us get the Internet. The Internet will soon turn into one of our core senses.

Audio has arrived through a bluetooth headset. Next the earphone disappears into the ear canal and cuddles up to the ear drum. Eyeglasses morph into contact lenses that derive their energy from light, and overlay graphics onto what we see. The graphics are like an aircraft display, delivering visual data. Contact lenses start to look at the world from its own camera. It provides face recognition. You know everyone’s name. The artificial camera gets better with telephoto, infrared, high resolution vision and overlaid Internet.

Next we embed this system into our skull where it directly connects to our brain.

More juicy visionary goodness here.

The End of Commercial Mass Media Television

By 2015, cheap bandwidth and computer processing power, combined with powerful video compression will end commercial television. From The Inflection Point by Cringely

By extension, the end of Mass Media T.V.